[August 23] MapleStory’s Next Update Predictions

Hard prediction is hard.

Patch Date:
September 15: 35%
September 22: 25%
September 29: 25%
October 6: 15%

Ice Gorge: 95%
Ghost Ship in the Sea Mist: 65%
Ulu City: 25%
Big Bang: 15%
Resistance (Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, Mechanic): 5%

Game Features:
Cash Trading Room: 55%

Also, the fact that I’ve given more than one content a 50% or greater chance of coming doesn’t necessarily mean that if one doesn’t come, the other will.The percentage noted is what I think is the chance that each individual piece of content will be released.
Think of it like the scrolling system in MS. The percentage listed on the scroll indicates the chance that the individual scroll will work. It does not mean that if you use 100 60% scrolls, 60 of those 100 will succeed.


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  1. so i was just thinking ( yeah i got pain in my head now …. ouch ), how long was it ago that KMS got big bang part one ?
    that part wil come 5 months after it hit the official servers to GMS …. since all content comes 5 months later ( look at aran , evan , dual blade ).
    dont look at potential because thats a minor update , but this adds new areas and new jobs so is HUGE …
    and 5 months from july is december … so makes sense 5 months after big bang 1 in KMS is decemeber … x-mass … ppl wanna spend money so they add huge new content to drive more and more people to play the game and spend money, what you think Update ? .. i find that i need to adress you in another way , what is a good way to talk to ya , because calling ya Update is lame

    • Call me Zach =D. Evan came out in GMS 3 months after it came out in KMS. I’ve actually been saying for a while that December was the most possible release time for GMS Big Bang. But Nexon America could want to live up to that “catch up to KMS by the end of the year” thing and release it in November. Big Bang is also a lot of content for translate and localize. Maybe it will take a while longer and not be released until January.

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