I’m Confused. How about you?

So The Visitor event Stage 1 began on the 19th after the v89 update.
Stage 1: 168 hours=7 days
Stage 2: 360 hours=15 days
Stage 3: 360 hours=15 days
Stage 4: 168 hours=7 days
Entire event: 1056 hours=44 days

44 days after the 19th is the 2nd of October which is a Saturday. WAT? I know that it is possible that the event has been programmed to end on its own but still find it weird that the event won’t end on a maintenance day.

Another thing is that the event doesn’t end until early October. That makes me think about whether we’ll actually have a September patch or have an update in early October. With the speed of GMS’s updates over the past 9 months I really wouldn’t mind a month and a half without new content.

It’s also possible that we will have a patch in September but it won’t interfere with The Visitors event but will add new content. v89 events (except for The Visitors) end on September 14 so September 14/15 seems like a possible date. New content while still progressing through The Visitors sounds good to me.

Worst Case

September: *No update*
October: Ghost Ship in the Mist
November: Ulu City?
December: Ice Gorge
January-February: Big Bang, Resistance

Most Possible Case IMO

September: *No update*
October: Ghost Ship in the Mist
November: Ice Gorge
December-January: Big Bang, Resistance

Best Case

September: Ice Gorge
October: Ghost Ship in the Mist
November-December: Big Bang, Resistance

I’m seriously finding it hard to predict how the rest of the year will go. I’m pretty sure Ghost Ship in the Mist is coming in October along with Halloween events. But where will Ulu City fit in to this? We haven’t had a single world tour update for 2010 so far and Ulu City could be it. The lack of world tour content plus the hints from that cool Christmas poem from last December make me think that Ulu City could be added before the end of the year. But Ulu City would take up an update and, therefore, push other content (like Big Bang) back a month.

Ah well, GMS has been so lucky by updates recently so whatever happens for the rest of year we can’t really complain.

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  1. Only time will tell :3

  2. still hoping for big bang to come during x-mass , then santa be like , wtf why is this snail humping my legg

  3. I wouldn’t call Nexon lucky, but good work. It is awful confusing that the event ends on a Saturday instead of Tuesday/Wednsday/Thursday.

  4. I was also thinking about this but Im guessing this is kinda like the back to school September Update.
    This may mean no Sept Patch.

    Or they could be wanting to release Big Bang on 1.00 so they’re doing:
    0.89= Stage 1
    0.90= Stage 2
    0.91= Stage 3
    0.92= Stage 4
    0.93-0.99 Useless Crap, Ulu City, Ice Gorge and Xmas Event
    and then 1.00 BB
    its a possibility but idk.

    • Big Bang isn’t coming in v100. That’s just too far away. And the other stages of the event aren’t going to be released in the new patches. They will become available in the game automatically.

  5. I really dont think Big Bang will come November. December the soonest.

  6. I hope ulu soon 😦

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