Nexon Contacted Me (Yes, I must blog about this)

Remember that post with the pictures of Nexon America’s new office in El Segundo? Hime contacted me about it =D. She told me to delete it D:. But I don’t care, I go a direct message from someone inside of Nexon who isn’t related to me about business. I feel so official now. I’m… kind of scared… to post a picture of the actual email now. They referred to me as “zachu95”, not “msupdate”. How did they know that that was my MapleStory IGN? Maybe they looked at my Basil Market account, maybe they didn’t and they have been stalking me for some time.

I’m not mad or anything. I think that it was very professional of Nexon to take action and ask me to take down that post because I was posting pictures that they didn’t want me to post even though I just found out that those same pictures are on the official Nexon America Facebook page (like it NOW). And I’m totally NOT saying that just to get back on Nexon and Hime’s sides.

The post has been taken down.


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  1. lul, Nexon strikes again.

  2. 1st. why they wanted you to take it down ( was this the post with the ugly green mabinogi meeting room ).
    2nd. how did ya got those pictures , sure not illigal , so the person that posted it before you has them to , so i dont understand why nexon should contact you , while you only took it from someone else ( i actualy dont know what to say , this isn’t really what i wanted to say , but what i had in my mind made sense , but i can’t remember it right now xD)
    3rd. you can post a SS because , if its something nexon doesn’t want , they just contact you again πŸ™‚
    4th. yay you gavve us your IGN , funny because you sayd some other time that you didn’t wanna give it because of personal reasons … stalking time πŸ˜‰ JK

    • The thing is that the pictures were shown to me before they were posted on the Facebook page. I didn’t even know they were there until a few days ago. Those pictures were emailed to me from someone inside of Nexon. And zachu95 is the IGN of my priest which is level 86 but it is the character that I go by since it’s actually on rankings and not off them for stupid reasons. I have no problem with anyone knowing about zachu95.

  3. I actually doubt that Nexon is tracking you. They probably looked your username up in their system from your email adress.

  4. It’s better to not make Nexon angry. They might send you a DMCA like MNN recived way way way way way way back when. Good thing that Savage is good friends with Lloyd Korn. XD

  5. I’m sure Nexon wanted you to take them down because the pictures weren’t vetted and probably weren’t supposed to get out at all. Someone visiting or someone who works there probably leaked them or someone else did. Even if they were on Facebook if Nexon wanted them to get out they would have released them on their official site or contacted a fansite or news site like Maple-News since we have down interviews with them in the past.

    Everyone has to realize that Nexon has a PR department and there are certain rules in place. They’re not bad people at all the reality is you didn’t have permission to post them so they requested you take them down. Everyone just needs to chill out. It’s not a big deal.

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