Nexon America’s Quater 3 2010 Approval Rating


You voted and the final results are here. MSUpdate’s August Nexon America approval rating is 45.23%. That is actually higher than I had originally thought it would be. 45.23% of you approve of the way Nexon America has run MapleStory.

This approval rating check will be done every quarter (3 months).
Quarter 1: January to March
Quarter 2: April to June
Quarter 3: July to September
Quarter 4: October to December

The next approval rating poll is planned for November 1 to November 19.


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  1. i think that you are forgetting that some ppl voted multiple times , so it would be best if you would make it so that people can only vote once they have made their own account / username ( like me Thechazz ) and then can only vote once per account , or make it IP related

  2. I approved XD

  3. as far as i know, u can change ur IP if u want o.O

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