[VIN] Vindictus Europe Trailer

Nexon Europe has released the official trailer for the recently announced Vindictus Europe. Vindictus (‘Mabinogi Heroes’ in Korea) is the world’s #1 free MMO and will be released in Europe before the end of 2010.


Posted on August 19, 2010, in International Nexon, Vinductus/Mabinogi Heroes. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. its the same as nexon america’s trailer

    • NOOOOOOO! It has a “Europe” under the Nexon logo. Also, it has “Coming Soon to Europe” at the end of the copyright in this one of “(c) 2010 NEXON Corporation and NEXON Europe, Inc.” but Vindictus America has “(c) 2010 NEXON Corporation and NEXON America, Inc.” So it’s technically not the name trailer =D.

      • yeah but you know what i mean , they just replaced all the nexon america trademarks and copyrights by their own …

        • I was trying to make a joke when I pointed out those “differences” between the trailer. Guess I’m not very funny.

          • noo i tought you were serious ( im serious i really tought that ) , because you put all those (c) and 2010 nexon i just skipped 80% of your comment and read the first line and last line xD

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