[VIN] Nexon Europe Announces Vindictus

Nexon Europe has announced that the highly anticipated #1 free MMO, Vindictus, will be launching in Europe before the end of the year. Vindictus is a prequel to the successful MMO Mabinogi, telling the story that led up to the storyline of Mabinogi.

Vindictus is a next-generation MMO with quality that few games, F2P or P2P, even come close to matching. Vindictus will be Nexon Europe’s 5th game after 3 years, compared to Nexon America’s 6 games after 5 years. Grats Europe!

Mabinogi Heroes Korea has just updated to Episode 6 after 7 months of service. Vindictus America is currently in closed beta which will end on August 24. Mabinogi Heroes China is currently in teaser stage and a website for Vindictus Europe has not yet been launched.


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