[NX Mobile] ‘MapleStory’ Hits the App Store With the Single Player ‘MapleStory: Thief Edition’

MapleStory is a 2D MMORPG developed by South Korean company Wizet which has well over 100 million subscribers across the world. The MMO itself is completely free to play, and is monetized by selling various customizations and enhancements from an in-game shop purchasable with real money or gift cards which are even sold at Wal-Mart. MapleStory works like most MMORPG’s where you fight monsters, earn experience, and otherwise develop your character while chatting, trading, and forming guilds with other players. Unfortunately, the social aspect is missing in the single player iPhone game, but otherwise the gameplay (or as much gameplay as I’m familiar when I had dabbled in MapleStory) seems intact.

On-screen controls move your little dude around and handle all the other functions in the game. There are two playable classes, both the thief and assassin with over 70 different pieces of swag to outfit yourself with. The graphics look like they’re straight out of the original game, and in the brief time I’ve spent with it, it seems like there is tons to do with all kinds of quests to complete.

The appeal of MapleStory for me was always the sheer scale of the game world with tons of players, and Thief Edition just feels lonely in comparison without the constant chatter of other players in the game world. The game does play well enough with virtual controls, and I really hope that Nexon Mobile is just using MapleStory: Thief Edition to test the waters of the App Store before releasing a full MapleStory client because how awesome would that be.


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  1. you copy+pasted this from TouchArcade D:<

    • As Phineas and Ferb might say at a time like this, “Yes, yes I did”.
      Zach tip: In my blog, source are linked in pics.

      • msupdate , this is a serious request , alot of times i really can’t understand if you copied the text or wrote it yourself , also because i dont know the way you are writing ( example , i know spadow writes gentlemanly with some faceicons ) but i dont really know your way since you copy sutff , NOT THAT THATS BAD , but i mean , when u copy a post can you put something like [COPY] or a ‘C” in the title so we know its copied because i dont wanna waste my time clicking on pictures since my computer isn’t that fast 😉

  2. Just finished it. Amazing game.

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