MSUpdate’s Top 5 Side-Scrolling MMORPGs Currently in North America

DFO takes the #1 because it is by far the most fun I’ve ever had playing any game. Don’t make the graphics fool you, this is F2P at its best in terms of fun gameplay.

1. Dungeon Fighter Online (Developer: Neople (Nexon))
Korea: Nexon
Japan: Nexon Japan
China: TianCity
Taiwan: Gamania
North America: Nexon America

2. WonderKing (Developer: Ryu & Soft)
Korea: SBS Contents Hub
North America: NDOORS (Nexon)
Europe: Bigpoint Games
Philippines: Ryu & Soft Philippines

3. MapleStory (Developer: Wizet (Nexon)/Nexon)
Korea: Nexon
Japan: Nexon Japan
China: Shanda
North America: Nexon America
Singapore/Malaysia: AsiaSoft SEA
Taiwan/Hong Kong: Gamania
Thailand: AsiaSoft Thailand
Europe: Nexon Europe
Brazil: Level Up! Games
Vietnam: Vina Game

4. Dragonica (Developer: Barunson)
China: ICE
Singapore/Malaysia/Australia/New Zealand: IAHgames
Taiwan/Hong Kong: GameFlier
Europe: Gala-Net EU (gPotato EU)
North America: THQ*ICE
Thailand: ONENET
Russia: Nival
Japan: Nexon Japan
Philippines: Egames
Korea: NCSoft (playNC)

5. La Tale (Developer: Actoz Soft)
Korea: Actoz Soft
North America: OGPlanet (sucks)
Japan: GamePot
China: Shanda
Europe: Aeria Games


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  1. i not sure but isnt it LA FATALE ?

  2. how the hell is wonder king znumber 2 and maples nuber 3 thatsfking retarted i played wonder king…boreing game

    • Well I also play WonderKing and think its a great game. You probably didn’t get to a high enough level to start caring about things like the economy and merching and missions to find the game fun. Just like MS, if you only play for a short while you say it’s boring, but if you play for a few days you start to find the game fun.

  3. why isnt vindictus on here? :O

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