[MSFB] 175,000 Likes

The official MapleStory Facebook page now has 175,000 likes.
The official Mabinogi Facebook page has 24,109 likes.
The official Combat Arms Facebook page has 126,623 likes.
The official Dungeon Fighter Facebook page has 28,309 likes.
The official PopTag! Facebook page has 4,803 likes.
The official Vindictus Facebook page has 26,926 likes.

Be pro. Be a fan. Get some NX today!

Posted on August 8, 2010, in Nexon Facebook. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. hey msupdate where can i see the results of the polls?

    • That depends, which of the polls?

      • i was thinking about the last one (nexon approval), but wouldnt it be better that we could see the results?

        • The results will be revealed to the public on the 27th of August when voting ends. Until then I’ll update the current approval rating as much as I can in the title. Notice the current title “Current: 46.88%”. 46.88 is the approval rating as of the last time I updated it.

  2. i know u can do that.
    but wouldnt it be better if u got a better software that updated the results atomatically?

    just a suggestion

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