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  1. wtf? idk what it is but it looks promising.
    hopes this time they dont screw it with bugs.
    but til now i can say im glad to hear this 🙂

  2. wow, nice.
    Nexon seems to have outdone themselves, AND we get it b4 korea 😀 im happy as a fat rat.

  3. Yay for original content!
    and @ Brandon: anything from NLC is GMS made.

  4. http://www.southperry.net/showthread.php?t=30160

    mmm i dont really know masteria story cuz ive never done quests there but it seems many ppl is really excited about it.

    Ill just be happy if there r not bugs this time 😛

  5. uhm … question : what is krakia ??

    • nevermind did some research and i think to know that it is the place that the mayor of NLC talks about ….. right ???

  6. Well i guess we all want to see some GMS-exclusive content like this one but i wonder how will it fit with BIG BANG?

    • That I find weird. All of Masteria (NLC, Haunted House, Crimsonwood and this expansion) will need to be edited for Big Bang. Weird that Nexon America would unleash this just a few months before Big Bang hits us.

      • uhm …. wel it wont be ANNY problem for gms fixing the monsters in the GMS exclusive areas , remember not all monsters got redone in maplestory , lets take windraiders for example ; GMS only has to change the exp they give , give them anny other reason to change the lvl or hp ?
        only thing they need to do is lower the exp to 500 and we wil lvl even more godly there than before , wil we ? NO
        because we can only got there once we are lvl 70 else we would only hit miss thanks to the new acc formula ..
        and by then even with the new exp formula 500 exp wil be like 0.15% , so then it wil be like semi-godly exp , prob. less godly than now

  7. Well I really dont think editing this wouldnt be a problem considering that GMS is going with this. Also, BB we really dont know when its going to come out. My bets are set at 1Q 2011 because we still need Ice Gorge PQ (it is in the data) but still Im thinking Oct/ Nov for that. and maybe Dec for BB. Remember, BB had 3 patches in KMS.

    • There are times I’m 100% sure about upcoming content, and I’m 100% sure Ice Gorge is coming in August or September. If it doesn’t then I delete my blog.


  9. I’d like this more than ulu city!

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