[GMS] It’s not Masteria… or is it?

Addition to this post.

Quoted from -HIME- in this thread:

There is an invasion coming to Maple World, and I believe this is something different from Masteria.

As for the level range that is a question I do not have information to.

Now it’s still original content from Nexon America and since we all agree that Nexon America is awesome, any content that comes directly from them must also be awesome. Right? Yes. I’m kind of disappointed that it isn’t Masterian content, but it’s still original and looks awesome so I’m still celebrating. I mean, an new area’s awesomeness isn’t dependent on its continent.

So either this is an expansion of Neo City or a totally new area that we haven’t heard anything of before. Or, or maybe -HIME- is teasing us (likely), wrong about it (I doubt) or is just wrong and as no idea what she’s saying (possibly) and this really is a Masteria expansion.

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  1. whatever it is its GMS-exclusive.

    btw hime also said :

    “GMS can be special sometimes.”

    “I can’t share too much right now as we are still testing but it’s definitely unique. I think it’s special because it has a very elaborate quest line.

    Is that design not more awesome than cool characters?!”

    ” Wowza… that’s a lot of specific questions. We’re still testing right now so we have to make sure everything is working as intended first. I can’t share any additional details until then.

    I don’t doubt we will present more details about this on the website because you won’t really find it anywhere else. ”

    I WOULDNT SAY HIME IS A TRUSTWORTHY PERSON, but only time will tell.
    i wonder when tespia will be on, im pretty sure there will be videos spamming utube soon

    • Yup, it’s surely original. And -HIME- means well. Like she said, she gets her information straight from the source so when she gets something wrong don’t blame her.

  2. I still think this is Masteria.
    I even made an analysis:

    I think -Hime- has it wrong this time.

  3. Yeah its like Obama, hes always wrong.
    Anywayz, -Hime- also could have some confidentiality issues.
    He could know everything, but i h says something he could get fired, so that probably why he’s twisting the truth a little bit, so that he doesnt expose anything, which really doesnt matter to me. I played the game for 5 years, and by this point I can recognize GMS Masteria from Neo Cifuck (excuse my language but Neo City was a joke.)

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