[August 5] MapleStory’s August Update Predictions

Patch Date: Wednesday, August 18 (D-13)

Ice Gorge: 95%
Ghost Ship in the Sea Mist: 80%
Masteria Expansion/Original Content: 75%
Ulu City: 5% (D: Lionheart)
Kerning Night Market: 5%
Big Bang: 0%

Game Features:
Cash Trading Room: 50%

This is one of my hardest predictions ever. I didn’t plan for original content, I’m not sure if the original content is going to Tespia first, and it’s so confusing. But I’ve also thought of a reason that we don’t have the Ghost Ship in the Sea Mist yet. Maybe Nexon America is leaving it until Halloween since its a Ghost Ship in Sea Mist. Ghosts are scary, sea mist is scary and ships… are scary. Well it depends on the ship because that cruise ship my brother got married on was far from scary. Anyway, that’s the only reason I can think of for us to have near full Ghost Ship data for more than 3 months and still not have the content even after several other versions of MS have it. Even with my reason I won’t lower the chance of Ghost Ship to less than 80%. We just have too much data and are too overdue for it.

The original content/Masteria expansion is only at 75% because I have no proof that it is coming on August 18. Maybe this is just first teaser and maybe it’s going to Tespia before it hits official servers.

Ulu City has dropped off hard because there are just no current hints. I still believe that it will come before the end of this year though.


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  1. is ulu city a good place to train ?
    why does lionheart want it so badly ?

    • ive heard is too good that would replace gallos spot for leechin, not sure how good might it be for u but it sounds good 4 me

      anyway, i dont know what ulu city is, just tellin u what i heard 🙂

    • It’s a pretty good place to train. There’s a spot almost as good as galloperas and new high level monsters (dukus) that are harder than skeles.
      Look it up on YouTube. It looks really fun.

      • oooh i already kinda knew that place from angelia vids , also ive always been wondering why there was a car with moss at the truckers , i always hoped for a portal to come there , and with ulu city there is 🙂
        is ulu msea original content ?
        and is singapore msea original content aswel ?

        omg duku are ugly , what is their lvl ?
        and are they good exp since i dont see em spawn THAT good , u need to move alot in that map from what im seeing

  2. msupdate :
    Ulu City, along with the rest of Singapore and Malaysia, is MSEA original. Dukus are level 115 and I agree, they’re ugly.

    the reason why i wont train there is because they are ugly … wish i could block their sprites and make em like a black box , everything better than those dukus , annything !

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