[GMS] August GM Events

Nexon is back this August with some completely new, original and exciting events =D.

It’s August, and we’re heading into the last days of summer. Before Camp Maple comes to a close though, GM counselors are throwing a month-long event-apalooza!

August 5, 2010

It’s a summertime road trip as you travel with the GMs to Ola Ola, the Physical Fitness Test, and more special event maps.

August 13, 2010
Hide and Seek!

There’s a shy GM and he or she is hiding somewhere in Maple World. Can you be the one to find them?
Search the world using clues and hints provided to you by GMs and the ever-faithful Maple Watch Leaf Brigade! Find the hidden GM when you’ve been transformed by another GM and you might win 10,000 Maple Points!I

August 17, 2010
Day of Darkness

Creatures of all shapes and sizes are bursting into town to wreak havoc. Rally alongside the GMs and beat the dog days of summer!

Get into the fun! Get some NX today!
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  1. Good. Atleast they arent saying anything about the Aran quest (assurance that its not an exploit?)

    • what ya mean with them saying annything about the exploit of aran ?dude i dont understand what you mean , this is just an event of nexon , why would they talk about aran

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