[August 4] MapleStory’s August Update Predictions

Patch Date: Wednesday, August 18 (2 weeks!)

Ice Gorge: 95%
Ghost Ship in the Sea Mist (Dual Race): 85%
Ulu City: 25% (:D Lionheart)
Kerning Night Market: 10%
Big Bang: 0%

Game Features:
Cash Trading Room: 50%

Also, the fact that I’ve given more than one content a 50% or greater chance of coming doesn’t necessarily mean that if one doesn’t come, the other will.The percentage noted is what I think is the chance that each individual piece of content will be released.
Think of it like the scrolling system in MS. The percentage listed on the scroll indicates the chance that the individual scroll will work. It does not mean that if you use 100 60% scrolls, 60 of those 100 will succeed.


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  1. changed big bang to 0% …. i tought you wanted to be really positive and gave it a 5% chance 😛
    but i agree that it would be more likely that a gaint worm kills all world leaders and takes over the world as the new world leader and that i transform into a dog , than that big bang comes out in the next patch.
    íf it wil come out next patch i personly wil make sure all of the above wil become reality

  2. 25!

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