[NX] Nexon Corp. Names Owen Mahoney as CFO

Press Release

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA (August 2) –   Nexon Corp., the leading worldwide publisher and developer of free-to-play online games, announced the appointment of Owen Mahoney as its Chief Financial Officer. Mahoney will be responsible for managing the company’s global financial operations, investments, and strategic alliances.


Mahoney has more than 15 years of experience in finance and was most recently CEO the online game publisher, Outspark. From 2000 to 2009 he served as Senior Vice-President of corporate and business development at Electronic Arts (EA).

In addition to his game experience, Mahoney has also held numerous executive positions at IT companies in the United States and Japan, including PointCast, Claris Japan, and Radius. Mahoney earned a B.A. in Asian Studies from the University of California at Berkeley.

Mahoney is being called upon to lead Nexon’s efforts to create a strong financial foundation and a global platform in order to improve profits and maximize the corporation’s performance.

“Nexon is clearly on the cutting edge of the online gaming business and is changing the way games are being played,” Mahoney said. “Players around the world are responding positively to the company’s business model, resulting in huge numbers of customers and expanding revenues. It’s an exciting place to be.”

Mahoney is currently on the job and will be working out of Nexon’s offices in Tokyo and Los Angeles.

Nexon America Inc.
Mike Crouch, 213-858-5952

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