My Ticket to Nexon (4) – Update 8/2/2010

Another week has gone. 59 days/1 month and 29 days/8 weeks/1416 hours/84,960 minutes/5,097,600 seconds since I logged that ticket to Nexon. It still hasn’t been looked at by Nexon America. Oh well, they’ll get to it soon.

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  1. … I doubt that they’ll look at it any time soon. It has been over 3 months since I submitted a ticket for a hacking complaint. It has yet to be even glanced at by whoever Nexon assigns to looks at these tickets. Many people wait up to a year for their tickets to even be looked at, and most of the time, it is “Closed by GM” at its best.

  2. uhm … you know that it takes 4 months for em to reply , and more of the same tickets make all other tickets closed and can get you banned …
    btw. in a blog you sayd you are gained popularity , but i only see like 3 people posting comments , are you really that populair ?
    i like it that you aren’t as populair as spadow because you take time to reply to me , spadow ignores most of questions asked to him , when i try to post a comment on spadows blog is see “your comment is awaiting moderation”.
    and it takes spadow 2 days to let my comment be accepted , and he also just deletes or wont let my comments pass.
    i have no idea how wordpress works so maybe you can explain this to me , but when other people are like in a fight with eachother they reply each 5 minuts and i get those comment directly to my mail because FOLLOW UP mail ….. but it takes spadow 2 days to let mine pass ?
    why only me ?

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