[KMS] 410,000 Concurrent Users

Korea MapleStory achieved an internal record 410,000 concurrent users after the Big Bang update in July. MapleStory is one of very few games to receive anywhere near this number of concurrent users worldwide.

Global MapleStory’s internal concurrent user record is 70,000 after the Cygnus Knights update last July, but I have a feeling that the unannounced data from the Dual Blade update will beat it.

The world record for concurrent users is still held by Nexon’s Dungeon & Fighter (Dungeon Fighter Online) which reached 2.2 million concurrent users in November 2009.

Posted on August 2, 2010, in Dungeon Fighter, Global MapleStory, International MapleStory, International Nexon, Nexon America. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. WHAT ?! gms only gas 70 thousand players ? you told me they had like a million …..
    omg 410 million people player that HUGE !!!!
    but didn’t ya told me a different number 1 week ago xD or was that from old data

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