[GMS] Tespia!!!

Help shape the future of MapleStory! Tespia, MapleStory’s official public test server is coming back!

We’ve got some amazing new content on the horizon and we need our most dedicated Maplers to help test each update days before it goes live!

Log into your account after July 28, 2010, to see if you’ve been invited to test the waters on Tespia!

If you’ve made it, just follow the instructions to copy your live character to Tespia and get set to log in when we open Tespia. Check the website regularly to find out when Tespia will open.

See you in Tespia real soon!

Get ready for the future! Get some NX today!

Have you seen this? Check out this amazing FREE NX offer!

Nexon has now completed all of their promises from the Open Letter to the Community, posted last April.


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  1. *Nexon has now completed all of their promises from the Open Letter to the Community, posted last April.*

    I guess u mean 2009 😦


    • when ya logg in ya get a message , i didnt get invited but GHOST from spadow blog DID got invited so spam him xD

  3. uhm .. yeah 1st that thing that htey promised was made april 1 year ago , not last april
    second ….. “As for Customer Service, we know that it has not been perfect. We have hired additional staff here as well, and you will see a change for the better. We are doing our best to answer the daily influx of tickets, and ask that you understand that there are thousands of tickets and millions of players. We will do our best to address your issues, and will continue our improvement within the coming months.”

    oooh yeah i remember you posting 3 posts about how nexon doesn’t answer your tickets …
    did you got invited MSupdate ? i didn’t … dang it i hope they are testing BIG BANG in there , hope that GHOST from spadows blog gives us more info, he did got invited because hwy else would GMS make test server again , it must be something REALLY BIG ! because after dual blade got released in KMS the only new things i can remember that we dont have already in GMS is resistance , big bang and ice gorge , so hope big bang wil come even sooner since they test it in GMST

    • Oh, yeah, it was last year April. Sorry, I forgot were are in 2010 now.
      You’re right. It must be something HUGE that they’re going to be testing for Nexon America to bring back Tespia right now. Sadly I didn’t get invited and I’m surprised I didn’t.

      And about the customer service thing, just because my present tickets are taking a while to be answered doesn’t mean Nexon’s customer service hasn’t improved. This is one of the first time I’m ever having to wait more than a few weeks for a ticket to be responded to. I know for a fact that Nexon has gotten more customer service agents since the open letter was published and with the new support page things must be getting better.

      • uhm why are you suprised ?
        people get randomly choosen right ?
        or do ya mean because they send ya press releases that they are aware that you tell other people their news and so that it would be only logic that you would be invited to testpia like spadow ?
        talking about spadow he gets randomly picked to right , because if i can remember corectly he missed 1 tespia run …..
        crap i wanted to say something else but i forgot what it was

        • It’s not random, trust me. Nexon has a long list of criteria that they use to select testers. And the reason I’m surprised is because Nexon knows about me and my blog and the fact that I was a selected testers for the Tespia phases back in summer 2008.

      • ooh i remember … or maybe nexon america didn;t want you to tell other people about what they are patching because it must be a secret … lets spam GHOST about it xD

  4. Too bad I didn’t get chosen. As far as I know, none of the staff members at Maple-News.com got chosen either, so we are gonna be way short on news for a while. Let’s just hope that Nexon doesn’t close down GMST again for the same reason as last time…

  5. Content-wise, we have the biggest updates coming through the rest of the year. We’re talking HUGE. Every level from 1-200 will have new experiences to share, and new challenges to conquer. If you thought the last update was big, wait till you see what’s coming. -Nexon.
    What is bigger than the Big Bang? 😀

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