Mabinogi Acts Shakespeare’s Tragedic.

Source: TIG Global

Nexon hosted a press conference at the Nexon education center and unveiled <Mabinogi Chapter 4: Shakespeare> on July 27th. This chapter of <Mabinogi> is based on Shakespeare’s literature and players are able to play a character of the literature in ‘play mode’ just like the real play.

play mode

This is the first time that online game adopts the pure literature ever. Nexon said this trial will enhance the completion of game, and the Shakespeare’s literature is chosen because it is very well known to everyone.

<Mabinogi Chapter 4: Shakespeare> provides ‘Hamlet’, ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘MacBeth’, and ‘The Merchant of Venice’. They will be released as each new Generation come out and build a whole story together.

The forth chapter will also provide ‘class system’ which players can choose a class from pioneer, knight, mage, bard, and alchemist and SNS system ‘Erinnon’ which enables to upload screenshots taken in the game to such SNS as twitter, me2day, and own blog.

The updates will be released on Aug. 4th.

class system

Erinnon system


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