[GMS] Peanut Machines

Well, Nexon has won back a lot of my trust after this. I don’t know who typed that but it’s amazing. Anyway, yay peanut machines!


It’s absolute madness as MapleStory goes nuts – peanuts that is!

From July 28 through August 17, 2010, monsters all over Maple World will begin dropping Peanuts. Simply crack them open using a Peanut Machine and you’ll be rewarded with not one, but two items!

Crazy, right?

Wait. It gets crazier.

Apparently some of the items you can expect from the new Peanut Machine are also totally new and incredibly awesome. Here’s some of the things to be on the lookout for:

The all-new shoulder decoration items, Tiger Toenails!

Advanced Equip Enhancement and Advanced Potential Scrolls!

Boxes of treasure that not only contain a precious gem but also a commemorative coin that can be sold for mountains of mesos in any merchant stores!

Blindingly beautiful blizzard equipment!

10-day riding skills featuring both new and classic rides!

Plus plenty of deadly, high level weapons!

And you’ll never get two of the same item at one crack because after all, why be crazy if you’re just going to be boring?

Here’s how to join the lunacy:

1. Kill monsters.
2. Pick up a Peanut.
3. Go to the Cash Shop and purchase the Peanut Machine. You cannot purchase with NX Credit if you are under level 30.
4. Leave the Cash Shop.
5. Activate the machine by double clicking on the item sitting in your Cash Item inventory.
6. Drag a Peanut into the machine and click “Proceed.”

Note: You must have one empty slot in “Equip,” two empty slots in “Use,” and one empty slot in “Set-up” inventory.

7. Go bananas with your new toys!

Get cracking! Get some NX now!
We’re giving out NX like peanuts! Earn your free NX with these great offers!


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  1. what is a MAMMAL typ of enemy ?

  2. uhhh, just realized something
    doesnt the blizzard gear in maple look exactly like aran’s armor in the aran vids about wen he fights the black mage and stuff

    • it is supposed to look like aran gear…. this is the full aran outfit , like there is an full evan and dual blade outfit

  3. More money for nexon. >.>
    What am I going to do with all 163 peanuts if the machine only breaks one D:?

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