[Mabi] G11: Sword of the Gods

Just two months after G10, Goddess of Light, hit Mabinogi America, Nexon America has announced that G11 “Sword of the Gods” will be released this August.

Coming in August, the world of Mabinogi is going through another huge, free update soon. We are introducing Sword of the Gods the latest massive addition to the world of Erinn. As the story of Mabinogi continues its epic course, the worlds of the Humans, Elves, and Giants are being shaken to the core. Erinn is in need of great warriors, and it’s up to you to answer the call!

Here’s a preview of just a small number of the additions to Mabinogi:

  • The Next Chapter Begins:  Behold the story of Sword of the Gods. A weapon has emerged with the ability to cut down even the gods. What role will this blade play in the unending war?
  • ·         The Journal: Introducing the Mabinogi achievement system. Players will be able to record and show off their greatest achievements with the Journal. Show others your specialties and accomplishments!
  • ·         New Skills: With the battle reaching a new echelon, Mabinogians will need to be at their best. To this end, we are introducing three new Combat Skills and one new Life Skill.
  • ·         Improved Social Functions: In these desperate times, you will need to have your friends on hand at a moment’s notice. Use the renewed Party options and Guild Functions in order to best team up with your allies.
  • ·         And more! New Shadow Missions, mini-games, quests, and more will be detailed each day until the launch of this newest update.

As we countdown to Sword of the Gods, we will be providing pictures, videos, and details on our main website, the forums, and Facebook. In addition, we’ll be hosting  contests with prizes to help players prepare for what’s to come.

Check back every day for the latest update, and be sure to be ready when the Sword is discovered in August!

Get ready, everyone. What happens next will be an update to be remembered.


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