My Ticket to Nexon (2) – Update 7/19/2010

It has been a week since the first blog post and still the ticket is Open and has not even be looked at by a Nexon staff member (or wand member, depending on what weapon they use on their mage).

Bah, I’ll post another update in a week. Why I’m really doing all this is because I want you guys to know exactly what Nexon responds to my ticket with and how respond to NXclusive items like Evan and Dual Blade skill books.

Nexon America is still recruiting! Want to join the best game publishing team and help service the largest community of gamers in the West? Check it out!

And remember: Be pro. Be a fan. Get some NX today!


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  1. Er, you do realize that Nexon doesn’t read tickets for at least a few months UNLESS they’re tickets concerning exploits… right? XD

    They get, I think it was you that pointed out, over 1500 tickets per day – I doubt they’ll ever get to you before 6 months (after 6 months an automated message will tell you to wait another 6 months xP)

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