[GMS v88] ITEM POTENTIAL SYSTEM and New Player Event

The potential system is here. I’m gonna go edit my v88 patch rating to a 10. It deserves it. Yay for Dual Blade, potential system, Chaos Bosses and more. See the bolded part.

Bored with the beach? Park not quite the wonderland you remember? Pool looking a little tired? Then why not spend this summer someplace amazing? Maple World!

Spread the news! This summer is the best time ever to join MapleStory! We’re rolling out the Welcome Wagon for all new users that register between July 21st and August 17th, 2010.

It’s the best summer vacation ever! Here’s what you can expect during your summer in MapleStory:

Make New Friends!

Just add 10 buddies to your buddy list between July 21st and August 17th, 2010 and go to the Cash Shop to be rewarded with a VIP Teleport Scroll! This scroll will teleport you just about anywhere in Maple World so go and pick up a few souvenirs!

Note: Your 10th buddy must be added before August 18th to be eligible.

Get a Summer Job!

Level any character to 10 and acquire your first job advancement and receive a powerful scroll that can enhance your weapon and a Magnifying Glass that can uncover an item’s hidden potential. It’s that easy!

Go to a Party!

From July 21st through August 17th, 2010, take advantage of the Moon Bunny Party Quest located in Henesys and you’ll receive an extra 25% EXP! Meet your new friends and party together because everyone will be able to enjoy this bonus experience!


Climb the Levels!

If you reach level 20 before August 18th 2010, you’ll receive a 4-hour 2x EXP coupon to help you climb even higher! The 2x EXP takes effect as soon as you retrieve it from the Cash Shop by double clicking on the coupon from the Cash Shop inventory.

How’s that for the best summer ever?

Hey, Ho, let’s go! Get some NX today!

Free summer souvenirs? Try some FREE NX offers today!


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  1. Seems good. Reach lvl 20 before august 18th and get 4 hour 2x exp? Great for Dual blade. 😛
    “Lvl a character to 10 and get a scroll”? Does this apply to Dual blades too? :3

    • heh getting lvl 20 can be done by me in 3 hours , maybe less IF golden temple stays i can do it in 1 hr after i’ve looked at all the new stuff and explorerd everything on my own snail tempo

  2. Does this count as a new Account Or a New character?

    • Did u see what i saw? Thorns mastery – 8.9k. Nexon is really money hungry right now… a skill book for 8.9knx …

  3. MsUpdate i think you might find this interesting. The v88 patch times and whats getting added (: http://maplestory.nexon.net/News/News.aspx?boardNo=100&contentNo=008Gx&pageIndex=1

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