[GMS] One More Week of Explorer Ring Event

As you are now probably well aware, MapleStory had an unscheduled maintenance on July 14th during which the Explorer Rings you earned on July 11, 12, or 13 were lost.

Though we cannot retrieve the lost rings, we are reopening the Explorer’s Ring event for a week from July 21st to July 27th to help make up for your loss.
We wish to see you earn back your ring and hope that the ongoing 2x EXP and Drop event helps you get it back faster.

Thank you for being patient with us throughout the ordeal.

Posted on July 15, 2010, in Global MapleStory, Nexon America, Update. Bookmark the permalink. 8 Comments.

  1. July 21 To July 27? Does That mean that Db is gonna be able to get a Ring? Without an Extra Character to get it for it?

  2. Do you know if you dualblader can do the quest since they are released the 21st?

  3. I have no idea. Since Dual Blades technically begin as rogue they might be able to. But then Dual Blade’s rogue follows a totally different storyline than a regular thief’s rogue, so they might not be able to. As I always say, let’s say wait and see.

  4. Do all levels under 50 get the ring if they get to 50?

  5. Also how do they check it. Because my explorer got to lv 48 (and I was planning to get him to 50 by the end of the day.)

  6. i just hope , they don’t postpone the dual blade release again :S

  7. can anyone play maple now?

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