[KG/NXKR] Pangyo Techno Valley Taking over in Korea

As reported by TIG Global.

Korean online game companies are moving from their cradle Gangnam to Gooro, Gasan, Sangam, Bundang and recently added one, Pangyo.

‘Tehran Velley’, a word derived from Silicon Velley in US, located between number 2 subway(metro) Gangnam station and Samsung station is a place where IT companies gathered together thanks to its advantages in traffic, crowded high buildings, various facilities and residence, and so on.

Most major companies include NC soft, Nexon, CJ internet, Neowiz, NHN, Gravity, Ntreev Soft, Ndoors, and CCR are located in Tehran Velley today. It was such a game developer’s cradle that there is even a word that small developer should move to there to get better investment.

However, a phenomenon called ‘off the Gangnam’ has arisen from about mid of 2000. The companies started to move to other places like Gooro-Gasan digital city, Sangam DMC, Sungnam-Bundang and so on, and only NC soft, Nexon, Windysoft, GALA lab and etc. are still staying in Gangnam nowadays.

The companies selected to move to Pangyo Techno Velley are 8 as follow: NC soft, NHN, Neowiz, Nexon, JC entertainment, Com2us, YNK Korea, and Nowcom.

Then why most of major companies are so interested in Pangyo Techno Velley? Because it is a specialized IT city under a keynote ‘To surpass Silicon Velley’.

Pangyo Techno Velley has advantages in cheaper maintenance expenses due to cheaper land price and support from government and convenient local and intercity traffic.

As many of the companies’ new buildings are planned to be completed in 2013, the Pangyo age in Korean online game industry may also begin in 2013.


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