[GMS] Updated: Ice Gorge and Big Bang Predictions

Made some changes to my Big Bang predictions.


Global MapleStory is the fastest updating service of MapleStory and is currently the closest to catching up with Korea MapleStory. Ice Gorge and the Big Bang are the two major bits of content missing from Global MapleStory right now.

Ice Gorge is an area to the East of El Nath which provides a nice new party quest. The new PQ, “Resurrection of the Hob King” is for levels 75+, 80+ after the Big Bang update. The PQ is similar to Henesys PQ in that you protect a NPC from damage from surrounding monsters. In Resurrection of the Hob King, however, Shammos, the NPC you’re trying to protect, advances towards the goal while the Moon Bunny stands still in Henesys PQ. Once you have successfully escorted Shammos you face Lex, the boss. Lex drops items like skill books, scrolls and even new earrings.

It’s a pretty good area. I’ll say we’ll get it in August or September. Here are my chances of the months we’ll get the Ice Gorge by:
August: 50%
September: 85%
October: 95%
November: 95%
December: 100% (In case Nexon America wants to save it for Winter)

The Big Bang update is probably the biggest update MapleStory has even gone through. It’s basically a total overhaul of everything that we knew and loved about MapleStory while opening a lot of other stuff for us to learn and love. The big bang update gives us new skill changes that nearly balance classes out perfectly (finally), a complete change to how monsters’ strength advance as you, the players, advance in the game, new EXP system, a new group of the class known as “the Resistance” and more. More about the Big Bang can be read here or at Spadow’s Blog.

Chances are Global MapleStory will get Big Bang right after Korea MapleStory. I say we’ll get it in either December (if Nexon America gives us for Winter holidays and Winter break) or January (if Nexon America gives us as a start for the new year). Big Bang will probably come with a new world too. Here are my chances of the months we’ll get the Big Bang by:

August: 0%
September: 15%
October: 30%
November: 50%
December: 85%
January: 100%

Both the Ice Gorge and Big Bang are coming so get ready and get some NX today!


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  1. 100% means it will come yes or yes right?
    u should give it 99.99999999% 🙂

  2. ey msupdate the event 3 and download section on dual blade site also went off so idk whats goin on o-o

  3. Lol. Get some nx today!

    • yh seems like msupdate works for nexon or something similar xD
      always defending them xD

      • Hey, I don’t defend them all that often. Well I do but only when it’s fair. Notice some Obama haters? They hate him so much that no matter what he does, good, bad, or in the middle, they bash him and bash him some more. That’s how some people are for Nexon. I just defend them when thy need to be defended and bash them when they need to be bashed.

  4. BTW, anyone knows when is dragon nest comin?

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