[GMS] Extended Maintenance to Address Meso Bug and New Dual Blade Launch Date

Kudos to the MapleStory team and the Nexon community team on a job well done. I think that Nexon has made the right decision in postponing the v88 update, bringing the game down and they have given us constant updates on what they’re doing. Compensation is pretty good too but I hope that the users directly affected by the issue like those who were hell banned will get a bit more. Good job guys! Here’s the latest update from -HIME- on the official MapleStory forum:

Dear Maplers,

As you may be aware, an exploitable bug in MapleStory resulted in fake mesos being generated by malicious users. Once we identified this problem, we made the difficult decision to bring down the MapleStory servers to prevent further harm from being caused. Fake mesos increases the prices of Maple items for everyone, and this is an unacceptable activity which harms the game experience for all our players. While the servers are offline, we plan to fix the bug, remove all mesos that were falsely generated, and potentially take action against any exploiters who used this bug. Due to the severity of this issue, many accounts may be restored to a prior state. Any NX spent after the restore point will be refunded to impacted players.

Extended Maintenance
The Maple servers will remain offline until we have a clear estimated time on a fix. We will provide a specific maintenance schedule as soon as we are able.

New Dual Blade Launch Date
Unfortunately, addressing this issue impacts our game development schedule, and so we’ll be pushing the Dual Blade launch date to Wednesday, July 21st. The additional time ensures that we are able to fix the current issue, and fully prepare for the Dual Blade update. We know how much our players have been looking forward to the launch of Dual Blade. We’ve had a lot of fun working on the update events, the Q&A and other activities, and we’ll continue to work to ensure a smooth release next week.

We know that the downtime, the update delay and the bug itself is bad for our players, and so we’ll be offering a mix of compensation and events that all players can participate in.

— Cash item extension
— 5,000 Maple Points

–The Golden Temple will be available for one extra week. Golden Temple ticket items will also be on sale for 20~25% off.
— Vega’s Spell will remain on sale for one extra week.One A Day Sale will also be extended for a week.
— Make sure to check out the daily item!
— 2x EXP and Drop events on the following dates:

a. Wednesday, July 14th  4 PM – 6PM Pacific Time (7 PM – 9 PM Eastern)
b. Thursday, July 15th  12 PM – 6PM Pacific Time (3 PM – 9 PM Eastern)
c. Friday, July 16th  12 PM – 6 PM Pacific Time (3 PM – 9 PM Eastern)
d. Saturday, July 17th  10 AM – 10 PM Pacific Time (1 PM – 1 AM Eastern)
e. Sunday, July 18th  10 AM – 10 PM Pacific Time (1 PM – 1 AM Eastern)

-The MapleStory Staff-


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  1. sweet…5k nx

  2. omg am i blind????
    more 2x than annyversary??? sweet!!!

  3. forget it, this sucks!
    everyone got rolled back til saturday.
    I hope my scrolls r still there :S

    • Who told you that everyone was rolled back until Saturday? The game is offline so how do you know?

      • i was reading southperry, and if u checked the rankings, u’d see something weird.
        Unless they had just rolled back during maintance to compare and check who had used the exploit.

  4. *rage*

  5. I thought i couldnt be worst, but its, ring event is not being extended :S.
    My ring mule i got to 50 is now 44 and cannot get a ring anymore fk!

    Im pretty sure many ppl will quit (and u didnt believe me when i told u the first time) as ive been ready many comments in southperry, facebook and some other places.

  6. shdowwolfdualblade

    yo lol nerd the ring event was crap anyway the big thing was dualblade so for get about ur itty buuty piec of crap ring id rather have a whole new job then something that gives 10%

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