My Ticket to Nexon – Status

It was June 5 that I sent a ticket to Nexon complaining about Evan skill books being exclusive to cash users and other items available only to cash users that non-cash users CANNOT PLAY THE GAME THE WAY THAT THEY WANT TO WITHOUT. I call these items “NXclusive items”. It has been 37 days since the ticket was sent. It has yet to be addressed.

As you can see by the status of the ticket, it hasn’t even been looked at by a Nexon employee.

I have been sending tickets to Nexon since I started playing MapleStory and I have been playing MapleStory for a much longer time that the majority of you reading this, and I’m sure of that. I have never, not once, had a problem with Nexon’s customer service before now. I am not complaining that the ticket has not yet been answered, because investigation takes time. I would be perfectly fine knowing that my ticket has been looked at but Nexon was taking the time to investigate the issue. What I am complaining about is that after 37 days the ticket cannot even be looked at by a customer service agent at Nexon America. What that tells me is that despite the recent opening of the upgraded support center at Nexon America and the increase in agents to deal with us it isn’t enough to service Nexon America’s 10 million users.

I feel that the ticket that I spent my time to type up has been put to waste as the ticket was sent in the hope that NXclusive items (skill books in the cash shop) would not return with Dual Blade. Dual Blade is here and the ticket hasn’t even been opened.

I do feel bad for the Nexon workers though. On the same day that I send that ticket I send another just 12 minutes earlier. By ticket numbers 14 new tickets were logged in those 12 minutes. That’s 1.17 tickets per minute, approximately 1685 new tickets every single day. This is also the first time I’m having major problems with their customer service so I can’t complain too much. Not to mention all of the tickets they get from the less mature users that Nexon has probably developed their own translator to decode the messages that some users send. “Nxn u sux wat dis mean alrdy log on y u caan fix fast u nubz”.

This is a mini rant and a way to record the progress of my ticket which was brought to you by MS Update. I’ll post another update in a week.


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  1. how u know that i typed that last sentence to nexon, noh joking …. but if you post to manny of the SAME tickets u can get banned , i have read something like that

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