Congrats Spain

Congrats to Spain on winning the great world cup. Good job Netherlands for fighting your way to the finals. Thanks to all teams which participated and entertained us for the past month.


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  1. netherlands was my country

  2. IDK if anyone agre with me but.. spain was pretty much helped by the ref. on this one -.-..
    I mean.. (on the goal play) It obviously was a fault against spain.. but the ref. let it slip; There as a OBVIOUS conner in front of the ref. he said goal kick; and a penality that the ref. let slip, again against spain..

    This world cup was just.. Too bad..

  3. netherlands was my country to …. we fked up , played kinda lame …. and im on holliday in italy now and the television was bad , went total black couple times so missed some stuff , good job spain

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