[GMS v88] Chaos Zakum and Horntail

The fastest updating version of MS strikes again. Exactly 2 months after KMS received the new Chaos Zakum and Horntail, they’re coming to GMS.

Coming July 14th, something is happening in the deep places in Maple World. A dark power has possessed Zakum and Horntail, making them even deadlier than they were before. Chaos Zakum and Chaos Horntail are here — are you ready for the challenge?

Chaos Zakum requires an expedition of at least six Maplers that are skilled and strong of at least level 100. Defeat this enraged monster and you’ll have the chance at picking up a Chaos Zakum Helmet, Chaos Zakum’s Tree Branch and some awesome scrolls!


Chaos Horntail needs at least six Maplers even stronger than those needed to fight Chaos Zakum. You must be at least level 110 to go on this expedition but if you can defeat Chaos Horntail you might be lucky enough to pick up a Chaos Horntail Necklace!


Are you up for the challenge? Get some NX today!

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Posted on July 9, 2010, in Global MapleStory, Update. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Lionheart365

    I want chaos equips @.@

  2. Dammmm, tank equips right there..
    Sure beats my Zhelm.
    v88 is going to be a HUUGE patch.
    I mean, Dual blades, Chaos Zakum and HT, new towns/maps i think. 😛
    Going to LOOVE IT

  3. Hey I probably think GMS is going a little bit to fast for all this…
    I probably say resistance is coming this winter(BigBang Patch)
    srs they are gonna pass KMS?

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