[MSU] More polls

3 out of 4 of the previous polls have ended. The one that hasn’t ended is

I have 2 new polls.

New Poll #1

Currently GMS has 10 servers. MapleStory is already very popular, more popular than most people think and is an ever growing game. There’s no doubt that new servers are coming. Maybe on July 14, maybe in a few months.

It’s more then likely that the next server that comes to GMS will be a server already in the data. If you got to choose the next server that came to GMS which would it be?

Take your pick.

New Poll #2

We all know that GMST (Global MapleStory Tespia) was a total fail mainly due to the immaturity of American gamers. Hardly any bugs and glitches were fixed and it was extra expense for Nexon America when nothing was being done. We all want Tespia back, but how do you think Nexon America can make sure that bugs are actually fixed and testers aren’t just in it to try out some high leveled classes? Choose one of mine or suggest your own reason!

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