[Gam] Gamania Comes to the West

Gamania is a moderately popular online game publisher headquartered in Taiwan. Gamania is credited with being the first Taiwanese publisher to expand globally having offices in Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan. Gamania previously had a Hong Kong office, but this was closed and services merged with the Taiwanese branch, hence then 2008 merging of Taiwan MapleStory and Hong Kong MapleStory. The company is a major partner with Nexon as Nexon’s main Taiwanese publisher. Through its Taiwan branch, Gamania publishes the following popular games:

  • MapleStory (TwMS) (Nexon)
  • Counter Strike Online (Nexon)
  • Mabinogi (Nexon)
  • Crazy Arcade BnB (“PopTag!” in America) (Nexon)
  • Kart Rider (Nexon)
  • Dungeon & Fighter (“Dungeon Fighter Online” in America) (Nexon)
  • Elsworld (Nexon)
  • Atlantica (NDOORS (Nexon))
  • SP1 (Nexon)
  • Lineage (NC Soft)
  • Fantasy Earth Zero (Square Enix)
  • Grand Chase (KOG)

and many other online and single player games.

Gamania has clearly conquered the Asian market and has announced that they are launching an office in North America in late 2010. It was not stated whether it was the United States or Canada where the office would be opened but chances are it’s the United States.

Gamania actually began their push into Western markets when it launched their animated series Hero: 108 in America through Cartoon Network. Hero: 108 is the television series that basically introduces the characters and basic storyline of Hero 108, a self-developed Gamania game title that they are planning on publishing sometime in 2011 through their soon-to-be-founded North American branch and is currently in open beta. The open beta of the game is being published remotely by Gamania from Taiwan, but will move over to official launch when the North American branch if officially opened.

Hero 108 (the game) is the first in what is expected to be long series of video games to be self-published in America by Gamania.

I wish Gamania the best of luck as they work to get their American service off the ground and continue to work as one of Nexon’s numerous global partners.


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