[NC] Dragonica Will Re-enter Korea

The following report shows that you should have faith that Nexon America will return Kart Rider to America.

The Korean service of Dragonica which is being published by NCSoft on their PlayNC portal was closed after the closed beta in April of 2008. The website was dropped and users were thinking that the game wouldn’t return. However, Dragonica was announced again in early 2010 and a new website was launched.

The FBT (First Beta Test) of Dragonica will run from June 7 to June 13 and adds new dungeons, new skills, new items and the new Air Combo system, all exclusive to the Korean version.

Dragonica is already published in Japan by Nexon Japan, China by ICE Entertainment, SEA by IAHgames, Taiwan by GameFlier, Europe by Gala-Net, North America by THQ*ICE, Thailand by ONENET and Russia by Nival.


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