[GMS v88] The Secret of Kerning City

Dual Blade: The Secret Side of Kerning City

Kerning City, the town where thieves and assassins are born and trained. The Dark Lord resides here, and it’s by his grace that thieves and assassins earn their skills. Little is really known about the Dark Lord and his organization – but that’s about to change.

Before he was the Dark Lord, there was a man known as Jin. He was the most talented disciple of the former Dark Lord. He trained and studied hard, though he was often interrupted by his master’s playful daughter, Syl. Syl often teased him about his serious demeanor and gradually they began to develop feelings for each other. Jin’s master was an honorable man who cherished both Syl and Jin, treating his daughter like a disciple and his disciple like a son.

Their peaceful times ended when Jin’s master received a letter from his friend, Tristan. The letter informed him that the Balrog has been resurrected and was intent on destroying Victoria Island. Jin’s master set off alone to help and gave direct orders for Jin not to follow. Jin believed his training would be useful in defeating the Balrog and followed his master, though he was defying his orders.

When Jin arrived at Sleepywood, he saw his master turned into a monster when he lost his focus for a split second and the Balrog used the opportunity to take his soul. The result was a monster with his master’s face who set out to destroy Victoria Island! With the last shred of his sanity, Jin’s master called out to Jin to destroy him. Jin could barely believe what was happening and tried to return his master to normal. It didn’t work. With a heavy heart, Jin’s accepted his master’s last command and destroyed him.

Jin carried home the home the body of his master and assumed the title of Dark Lord, determined to continue his master’s battle against evil. Syl, though, was devastated by her father’s death and Jin’s quick succession to Dark Lord. Broken in mind and spirit, Syl came to believe that Jin had orchestrated the entire event to become the Dark Lord. She ran away, her feelings for Jin clouded by darkness. Vowing revenge, she founded another organization, determined to destroy Jin and would remain in hiding until the time was right to enact her vengeance.

In the present, the Dark Lord has been receiving reports of many skillful rogues going into hiding. Rumors abound that there’s a kid by the name of Hongman making interesting offers to travelers. With a heavy feeling in his heart, the Dark Lord knows Syl has resurfaced. She’s almost ready to make her move and only one of them will survive the coming battle.

Which one will it be? And whose side will you take?


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  1. I Do Truly Hope For It To Be Unlimited

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