[NX] Nexon in the News: E3 Edition

Every year, the entire gaming industry gathers in Los Angeles for the Electronic Entertainment Expo — or E3. This year was Nexon’s frst time at the show and we were stunned at the level of positive press coverage and excitement over our new games Check out all the great news from this week!

Nexon at E3

APB, Maple Story and the Future of Games

The BBC highlights Nexon’s global success via MapleStory:

“I got home to find an 11-year-old asking me for help in spending £10 of his pocket money in an online world called Maple Story. This is a MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) created in South Korea seven years ago, which has attracted millions of players around the world who battle monsters and complete quests. It has now apparently become a craze amongst British 11-year-olds, who are abandoning their Wiis to play this and other simple but compelling online games.”


Nexon: Bringing Free-to-Play to E3

“Nexon is perhaps best known as the successful online company that runs MapleStory. The publisher is one of the pioneers in the free-to-play space, but Nexon believes it’s just scratching the surface with free-to-play games currently. Thus, Nexon is appearing at E3 for the first time this year as part of the group’s continued
expansion. We spoke to Min Kim, VP Marketing at Nexon, about his company’s initiative at E3.”

The [a]listdaily

E3 2010: Nexon America…New Kings Of PC Gaming?

“Upfront, DFO is one of the most unexpectedly coolest little gems I got my hands on the first day of the show. In short, it’s an MMORPG inspired by classic arcade action games. In my brief time with the game — even just from watching videos — DFO wears its inspirations on its sleeve. I could see traces of Street Fighter, Streets of Rage, Final Fight, and, much to this writer’s delight, the old Dungeons and Dragons arcade brawler/RPGs. It’s 2D, fast action with over the top animations.”

Gaming Evolution

E3 2010: Nexon America

“I think Nexon America will continue to evolve the free-to-play genre and remain the top publisher in the business.”


Best Booth We Didn’t Expect Award

“But trust us, after taking a tour through Nexon’s booth at this year’s E3, we’re convinced that the company will change the way both gamers and the videogame industry thinks about free-to-play games.”

Games Radar

Nexon America E3 Impressions

“During this year’s E3 many people should have noticed a huge crowd that would gather from time to time at Nexon America’s booth, due to their swag being one of the most unique items available, but for many E3 is more about the games than the swag and Nexon had three great titles to show off.”



We Just Played Vindictus (at E3 2010)

GameSpot gives a very positive preview of Vindictus after playing the game at E3:

“Vindictus doesn’t look anything like what you’d expect a free-to-play game to be. Its high-end graphics and surprising physics modeling put it a cut above other free-to-play games and its hack-and-slash gameplay is an interesting departure from the usual statistics-based, dice-rolling combat you find in most games of this sort.”


Hands On: Vindictus

“From my time playing I had lots of fun and is will worth a normal game price tag. Vindictus as a free game for the world to play is great and a blessing to all gamers out there.”


Vindictus: A Free MMO That Lets You Beat People To Death With Masonry

“If you are looking for a free-to-play MMO with extremely satisfying combat and a whole lot of killing, Vindictus ought to be on your radar. After all, it won’t cost you a dime.”


Vindictus E3 Hands-On Brings Good News

“If Vindictus is as hands-down fun in the wild as it was on the E3 floor, I’ll be popping in from time to time for the sheer joy of blasting through hordes of enemies like a steel tornado. Nexon has the chance to make something truly special if it can get a variety of content, characters, and social interaction to match Vindictus’ thrilling gameplay.”


E3 2010: Vindictus hands-on

“Vindictus is joyfully violent, allowing you to hack away at monsters, smash almost anything element in the environment, and destroy your opponents with finishing moves. And, of course, to look damn good while doing it. It’s “all about elegant brutality,” Nexon tells us, and we have to agree.”


MMOs of the Show

“Vindictus combines hack-n-slash gameplay with destructible environments, physics and standard MMORPG leveling, skills and gear. The end result, which we had a little hands-on time with, is fast, action-acked, and occasionally funny.”


Five Surprising Games of E3 2010

“The last title that needs mentioning is Nexon’s Vindictus – the first free-to-play MMO that has garnered unanimous press interest including mine. The “brutal elegance” is fantastic to see in action, especially since it’s going to be free, a feature that can’t be ignored no matter what the circumstances are. Bringing down gigantic bosses with teammates for not a single penny spent should entice gamers of every age.”


Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest At E3: Adora-badass

“World of Warcraft managed to successfully navigate through the uncanny valley by choosing to make their characters look deliberately cartoony. Nexon’s Dragon Nest takes this idea to its logical extent. The player-characters in this free-to-play MMO all teeter on the edge of adorable, while the enemies have some of the coolest skins ever seen in an RPG.”


E3 2010: Dragon Nest hands-on

“Though we haven’t seen everything the game has to offer, Dragon Nest  may be their most polished game yet.


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