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[MSM] Maple T-Shirt Line from J!NX

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[DB] Official English Trailer

-puts away suicide note and closes blog deletion page- It has been confirmed that Dual Blade will be released in GMS on July 14, 2010. Here’s the official Teaser video from the Dual Blade Teaser Site.

[GMS v88] They’re Coming & Canada Day Events

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[WK] Pets are Coming!

Weekend Friends Referral!

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[CA] Level Up! Interactive to Publish Combat Arms in Brazil

What an exciting report. Level Up! Interactive, Brazil’s largest game publisher has announced that it has secured publishing rights for Combat Arms in Brazil. Level Up! Interactive also publishes Brazil MapleStory (BMS), Perfect World, Grand Chase, Ragnarok Online, Dofus, Lunia, Brazil RuneScape (bRS), funorb, GunZ: The Duel and RF Online. Quite an impressive lineup, don’t you think?

“Nexon is the greatest free publisher of games in the world and we are happy to publish their games here in Brazil. Nexon has over 31 games being distributed in over 75 countries with over 350 million people playing Nexon games. Brazil is one of those 75 countries, now with MapleStory and Combat Arms.”* -Representative from Level Up! Interactive.

*Hand translation. Pretty accurate, but not 100%.

“A country like Brazil is extremely important to Nexon. We are fortunate to have Level Up! as the distributor of our titles,” said Su-Min, C.E.O. of Nexon’s worldwide operations.

[GMS v88] Dual Blade Hints, Again

This is a expansion to my recent post “[GMS v88] More Dual Blade Hints“.

The scavenger hunt event is officially over. Today was the last day. The latest Facebook update:

Congratulations to XoXoRawr224 of Broa! You will be receiving your Maple Points by the end of the day. If you guys haven’t figured out what the images are for you will soon! 🙂

Tell me this isn’t ANOTHER hints, possibly a confirmation. Is it possible that we won’t get the previews tomorrow morning?