Daily Archives: May 30, 2010

[MSFB] 100,000 FANS!!!

The official MapleStory Facebook page has reached 100,000 fans! I think that we’re the first F2P game to do this. The Great Race to 100,000 Fans is complete. Let’s prepare for…

– 2x EXP/Drop Event

– 1 million Maple Points Giveaway. One Facebook fan will be 1 million Maple Points happier!

– Maple Merchandise Giveaway – Plushies, Key Chains, Mouse Pads, and Stickers.

We got here fast too. Nexon gave us until June 12, a full 21 days to reach the milestone, and we’ve done so in just 5 days! we got from 85,000 fans to 100,000 fans in 5 days. Which other game do you see doing that?


[GMS] First 200 Evan

Congrats AmbyxApple of Mardia on Global MapleStory’s first 200 Evan. She did it in 59 days.