Daily Archives: May 26, 2010

[VIN] Innovative Potion Spill System

As if Vindictus wasn’t already innovative, Nexon has revealed a potion spilling system on the official Vindictus Facebook page.

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[NX] Nexon Global Revenues Up 56%

(IGN) Nexon’s global revenues jump 56 percent in 2009 while North American operations continue to soar.

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[DN] Dragon Nest DEMO

NHN Japan and EYEDENTITY Games launched the open beta of Japan Dragon Nest just today, and with it came a Japanese demo of the game.

The demo is 210.14MB, has no IP block, 4 characters, the tutorial, 2 dungeons and nice cutscenes.

Try it.

[JP]Dragon Nest [Offline Demo]

[DB] Shadow Bandana is Part of Dual Blade Set

So a lot people were asking me why I take that Shadow Bandana that was added in the last GMS maintenance as a hint  towards Dual Blade. Check this out: http://spadow.wordpress.com/2010/03/08/kmst-v298-dual-blade-set/

The Shadow Bandana is part of the Dual Blade set in KMS.

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[MSFB] 90,000 Fans

It has been just 5 days since the official MapleStory Facebook page hit 80,000 fans, and we’re now at 90,000. Let the Great Race to 100,000 Fans continue!

The official Mabinogi Facebook page now has 13,238 fans.
The official Combat Arms Facebook page now has 48,236 fans.
The official Dungeon Fighter Facebook page now has 10,313 fans.
The official iTCG Facebook page now has 1,803 fans.
The official PopTag! Facebook page now has 2,326 fans.
The official Vindictus Facebook page now has 9,371 fans.