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[GMS 5th Anniversary] Tale of Two Cities: Five Years of MapleStory

This is why we love Nexon America and how hard Neutral, -HIME-, Tibaroo, Stone and the rest of the community team work for us.

Global MapleStory is really the story of two teams: the development team in Seoul, Korea, and the publisher/operations team in Los Angeles, California. To celebrate the fifth anniversary, we’re doing a retrospective from both Los Angeles, and Seoul.

Read the interviews to learn more about the early days of Nexon America, and how the dev team works their magic.

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[EMS 3rd Anniversary] Epic. Aran is Coming.

So the full update schedule has been announced for EMS’s 3rd anniversary v62 update on Wednesday. Now THIS is epic. Balrog Boss, Mu Lung Dojo, Monster Carnival 2, Pirate PQ and Aran prequests.

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