[Breaking News] Nexon Acquires NDOORS

NDOORS, the extremely popular and successful game developer and publisher is now a subsidiary of the NEXON Corporation.


Nexon has announced that they have acquired NDOORS by securing 67% of NDOORS’ shares including the shares of the former chairman, Seong-Mun Kwon, the largest shareholder, and has secured management rights as the largest shareholder. NDOORS is incorporated as a subsidiary of NEXON. NDOORS has a total operating profit of 16 billion Won.

“NEXON has been carrying out ongoing investment in the companies with outstanding development efforts”, said Su-Min, CEO of NEXON. “NDOORS, as well as an excellent development capability with domestic and international publishing capabilities would be a big help to expand NEXONs portfolio and to carry out a global expansion policy”, he added.

NDOORS services and develops Luminary, as well as the record breaking and popular Atlantica Online. But best of all, NDOORS publishes WonderKing, MapleStory’s biggest rival, here in North America.

Great Report from TIG Global:

Nexon officially confirmed that the company has signed a deal to acquire Ndoors, a developer of Atlantica and Goonzu in an effort to beef up its RPG lineup. The amount that Nexon paid for 67% of Ndoors’ equity wasn’t disclosed but is speculated to be close to 200 billion Won (US$ 153.9 million), which was the original ‘wish-price’ from Ndoors.

From this acquisition, Nexon will take over IPs of Goonzu Online, Atlantica, Corum Online, two upcoming MMORPG titles as well as publishing right of Perfect World’s Battle of the Immortals in Korea.

Currently Ndoors has 400 employees in Korea, U.S., Japan and Europe.

About Nexon Corporation

Nexon Logo.SVG

Established in South Korea in 1994, Nexon Corporation is a pioneer of interactive entertainment software and the world’s leader in massively multiplayer online games.  Since its development of the world’s first graphic MMORPG, “The Kingdom of the Winds”, in 1995, Nexon’s innovative titles have continued to redefine online entertainment.


NDOORS Korea Logo.png

Its headquarters are located in Seoul, South Korea. NDOORS Corporation first started out as “Intizen co., Ltd” in September of 1999, but later changed their name in October of 2004 to “Ndoors Corporation.” On January 18, 2006, NDOORS Corporation took over Koong Entertainment which meant that NDOORS not only would be able to create PC Games, but PSP2 and PSP console games as well.



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