Daily Archives: May 1, 2010

MapleStory’s June Update Predictions

Masteria updates have been removed from the list of possible content until further notice.

Patch Date: June 2 or June 9

“The Dual Race” Ghost Ship in the Mist: 95%
“Premium Dungeon” Golden Temple: 50%
“The New Discipline” Dual Blade Class: 50%
[WT] “Clearly you’ve never been to Singapore” Ulu City: 20%
“Shammos’ Map” Ice Gorge: 15%

“Events <3″ Fairy Tale Land: 10%

Game Features:
“Stalkerrr” Follow Function: 75%
“Adventurers Reborn!” Explorer Skill Rebalances: 75% (Strange we didn’t get this with Evan)
“NX4MESOWTF” Cash Trading Room: 15%

Also, the fact that I’ve given more than one content a 50% or greater chance of coming doesn’t necessarily mean that if one doesn’t come, the other will.The percentage noted is what I think is the chance that each individual piece of content will be released.
Think of it like the scrolling system in MS. The percentage listed on the scroll indicates the chance that the individual scroll will work. It does not mean that if you use 100 60% scrolls, 60 of those 100 will succeed.