[MSEA v92] Dragon Rider PQ and Evan Pre-quests

I think it’s fair to say that MSEA is back to #1 outside of KMS. Until GMS’s May 5 update, that is.

They are getting Dragon Rider PQ (95% of GMS getting it in May), New Party Listings Fuction (GMS got it last month), Follow Fuction (Adding that to predictions) and Evan prequests.

Dear Maplers,

The upcoming patch of Version 0.92


Launching of Dragon Rider Quest

Brief Information

Once again, a whole new boss party quest adding in to our current collection of 6 boss party quests!

This time round, players will have to take on our Vengeful Dragon & Dragon Rider in order to get newly introduced Elemental equipment items and tablets!

Before you can meet the Vengeful Dragon & Dragon Rider, you will have to first assist Chief Tatamo. Listen to his plea and help him to save his villagers from unwanted sufferings and attacks from the unknown Dragon Rider.

Get the ingredients to concoct a special portion that allows humans to fly. With the help from Matada and the portion, you will be able to take on the challenge on the same ground with the skill, Soaring image.


Beware that the road will not be easy without our help!

How to start?

Once your character has obtained Level 100, Maple Administrator will be passing on a message on behalf of Chief Tatamo. Listen to what Chief Tatamo has to say and as you progress, you are one step closer to facing the Vengeful Dragon & Dragon Rider!


Oops, you will need a party of at least 3 party members to enter Crimson Sky to meet the Vengeful Dragon & Dragon Rider!

Don’t forget to gather few of your buddies and face the boss together!


List of Dragon Rider Quest

The Dragon Rider’s Identity 1
The Dragon Rider’s Identity 2
Towards the Sky 1
Towards the Sky 2
Dragonica’s Horn
Tears of Repentance

Elemental Items

What are Elemental Equipment items?

Elemental equipment items are items with durability that can activate special stats for your equipment. And what are these tablets for?

Do remember to constantly check on the durability of your elemental equipment item, repair them once the weapon’s durability is low. Repair NPCs are Vicious, Mr. Thunder, Francois, JM From tha Streetz, Cheryl, Neve, Gordon, Sarah, Tara, Rydole & Mos.

NPCs will of course charge you with a repairing fee for repairing your dearest elemental equipment, however, the repair fee varies for each different weapon and weapon’s current durability level.

Best part is elemental weapons can be traded for once with the help of our Platinum Scissors of Karma.

List of Elemental Equipment Items:

Bellum Spear image
Machlear image
Askaron image
Sirius Cape image
Inferna image
Nageling image
Crusio image
Laevateinn image
Barisetter image
Crypto image
Tempest image

So how do you get the Elemental equipment items?

Once you have destroyed the Dragon Rider, there will be random Dragon Rider’s reward box drop from the Dragon Rider.

Different Dragon Rider’s reward box will allow you to receive equipment from different class.

Here are all the Dragon Rider’s reward boxes:

image Dragon Rider’s Warrior Box
image Dragon Rider’s Magician Box
image Dragon Rider’s Thief Box
image Dragon Rider’s Bowman Box
image Dragon Rider’s Pirate Box

Special Upgrading Items for Elemental Equipment Items: Tablets

Normal equipments use scrolls for upgrading, but Elemental equipment items use special tablets for upgrading. Talk about exclusiveness, these elemental equipment items sure has enough reasons to be included in your inventory as part of your training set.


imageList of Tablets for upgrading purposes:image
Tablet for One-Handed Weapon for ATT
Tablet for One-Handed Weapon for Accuracy
Tablet for One-Handed Weapon for Magic Attack
Tablet for Two-Handed Weapon for ATT
Tablet for Two-Handed Weapon for Accuracy
Tablet for Two-Handed Weapon for Magic Attack
Tablet for Armor for STR
Tablet for Armor for INT
Tablet for Armor for DEX
Tablet for Armor for LUK
Tablet for Armor for HANDS
Tablet for Armor for HP
Tablet for Armor for MP
Tablet for Armor for DEF
Tablet for Armor for Accuracy
Tablet for Accessory for STR
Tablet for Accessory for INT
Tablet for Accessory for DEX
Tablet for Accessory for LUK
Tablet for Accessory for HANDS
Tablet for Accessory for JUMP
Tablet for Accessory for Accuracy
Tablet for Accessory for Avoidability
Tablet for Accessory for HP
Tablet for Accessory for MP

Most importantly, each elemental item has special stats which can be found in item info window. Discover more wonders with Elemental Equipment!

Besides Vengeful Dragon & Dragon Rider, you can obtain tablets from Zakum & Horned Tail~ it’s just so great!

New Maps

Crimson Sky Dock is added for Dragon Rider Party Quest


Monster Book Collection

New Monsters from Kerning Square & Crimson Sky Dock are added in Monster Book.

[Kerning Square]

[Leafre – Crimson Sky Dock]

image Soaring Hawk
image Soaring Eagle
image Soaring Red Wyvern
image Soaring Blue Wyvern
image Soaring Black Wyvern
image Soaring Griffey
image Vengeful Dragon
image Dragon Rider

Street Vendor, NPC General Mau is here in Henesys Market Place to sell weapons & armors. General Mau item list consists of weapons & armors suitable for all classes under Level Requirement of 30.


Mirror of Dimension has a make over! Check out the difference! Doesn’t it look more impressive than before?




Party Register & Search Function System

1. Click on ‘O’ to open the Party Search Page and double click on the Party that you wish to participate.

2. A new registration page will appear.

3. Click on ‘Create’ to create a new party or to join any party that has been created.

4. Choose the difficulty level of the Party Quest if available.

5. Click ‘OK’ to confirm on creating a Party listing.

6. Your Party listing has been successfully created.

7. Other players will be able to see your Party listing on the Party Search window.

8. Use the ‘Find Party Member’ function in search for interested players for the same quest!

9. While the system searches for the right party member, there will be an icon appearing on the top right corner of your screen.


You may wish to ‘Pause’ or ‘Stop’ the search by clicking on the respective button below the ‘Party Search’ function.

Follow Function in MapleSEA!
Always have problem following your buddies in MapleStory? Now there is an effortless way to follow your buddies.

When in the same map, stand close to your buddy. Right click on your buddy and click on ‘Follow’.
This way, regardless of where your buddy goes, your character will follow him to his destination.

While in the ‘following’ mode, do not enter any other portal, or change the direction or your character or the mode will be automatically cancelled.

Do remember to watch out for your own safety when your character is following your buddy! Beware of the monsters on the loose!


In-game Poll System Added


Pre Evan Launch Event (From 19th May – 25th May 2010)

We know you are anticipating the grand arrival of Evan in MapleSEA as much as we do. With every day drawing close to the birth of Evan, we would like to share with you as much surprises as we can!

Evan is a legendary hero, different from our Knights of Cygnus but similar to our first legendary hero, Aran.

From 19th May – 25th May 2010, assist Cassandra in the search for remnants of the Dragon Master, and Cassandra with the help from Maple Administrator will provide you with sweet gifts and surprises for your effort!

List of Quests
A Sign of the Dragon Master’s Return (From 19th May – 25th May 2010)
Searcing for Remnants of the Dragon Master 1 (From 19th May – 25th May 2010)
Searching for Remnants of the Dragon Master 2 (From 20th May – 25th May 2010)
Searching for Remnants of the Dragon Master 3 (From 21st May – 25th May 2010)
Searching for Remnants of the Dragon Master 4 (From 22nd May – 25th May 2010)
Searching for Remnants of the Dragon Master 5 (From 23rd May – 25th May 2010)
Searching for Remnants of the Dragon Master 6 (From 24th May – 25th May 2010)
Searching for Remnants of the Dragon Master 7 (From 25th May – 25th May 2010)

List of Rewards from Quests
Gold Mask
Gold Pendant
Gold Wings
Gold Tail
Scroll for Wand for Magic Att.
Scroll for Staff for Magic Att.

Here is your chance to collect one of the rewards from the series of quest and the reward will be proven useful when the Evan Class is launched in MapleSEA!

This is the only chance to get exclusive Evan Class equipment before the actual launch of the Evan Class launch~

Triple Tri Trio Event (From 21st April – 25th May 2010)
Triple-Tri-Trio event is back! From From 21st April – 25th May 2010, an extra bonus EXP will be given for every 3rd monster you kill!! Gear up with your strongest equipments and start hunting today!!

The longer you stay in game, the more bonus EXP you will receive for the 3rd monster hunted.


2nd Password System Event (From 21st April – 5th May 2010)

Calling all Maplers to fall in to our special 2nd Password Squad! Key in your personalized 2nd Password of your choice between 21st April to 5th May 2010 and you will receive exclusive gifts from MapleSEA!
Exclusive gifts include 1 × 2 Hours 2X EXP Special Coupon & 1 × 2 Hours 2X Drop Rate Special Coupon.

Maplers who have already set their 2nd Password even before the start of the event date will also get to receive the exclusive gifts for their enthusiasm!

Do NOT wait any longer! Key in your 2nd Password via soft keyboard today and you will be able to receive the exclusive gifts on 12th May 2010!

[Gachapon Update]

New Gachapon Update on 21st April 2010

1. New Gachapon Update

Under the Sakura Tree chair is now available in Gachapon machines around all towns! Hurry to your nearest Gachapon machine and try your luck now!

2. Win a Bonus Under the Sakura Tree Chair from Gachapon! (21st April 2010 to 5th May 2010)
Whenever you use Gachapon Machine, you can stand to win Under the Sakura Tree Chair (30 Days) as a bonus item at a random rate, in addition of normal Gachapon reward. The bonus Under the Sakura Tree Chair (30 Days) is available in all towns~
With your companion sitting ‘Under the Sakura Tree’, magical effects will occur!


Happy Gacha-ing this April!

[Hairstyle Update]
The all new Aran hairstyles have finally arrived at MapleSEA! With the use of Legendary Hair Coupon, your character may be the lucky one to be spotted with the new Aran Hairstyle.


[Cash Shop Update]

[Etc] Platinum Scissors of Karma image
[Equip] Tilted Fedora image
[Equip] Mini Crown image
[Equip] Waterworks Cape image
[Equip] Bunny Umbrella image
[Equip] Sakura Branch
– MapleSEA Administrator


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