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[GMS 5th Anniversary] Cake vs. Pie Revealed

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[GMS 5th Anniversary] Patch Date Confirmed: May 5

As predicted, the GMS v85 and 5th anniversary will take place on May 5 This was confirmed by -HIME- on the official MapleStory forums. The v85 patch will take place on the 5th day of the 5th month of the 10th year of the century and 1st year of the decade. What’s the average of 10 and 1? 5.5

Exclusive 5th Anniversary Events Sneak Peak

[Apr. 28 Updated] MapleStory’s 5th Anniversary Update Predictions

Edits are in red.

Patch Date: May 5

“Betrayal in Leafre” Dragon Rider Quest: Confirmed
“The Dual Race” Ghost Ship in the Mist: 80% (Not giving up hope)
“Premium Dungeon” Golden Temple: 15%
[WT] “Clearly you’ve never been to Singapore” Ulu City: 5%
[Exclusive] “Master Masteria” Masteria Expansion: 5%
“The New Discipline” Dual Blade Class: 5%
“Shammos’ Map” Ice Gorge: 5%

“Cakes? Of all places…” Anniversary Minidungeon: 80% (Let’s hope)
“Let it grow, let it grow” Maple Tree Hill: 65%
“Events <3″ Fairy Tale Land: 5%

Game Features:
“Stalkerrr” Follow Function: 20%
“Adventurers Reborn!” Explorer Skill Rebalances: 15% (Strange we didn’t get this with Evan)
“NX4MESOWTF” Cash Trading Room: 5%

Here’s hoping for more content than what was revealed in the preview…

[GMS 5th Anniversary] Content Update

So anniversary day is only 13 more days away, and it’s pretty much certain that the v85 patch will be on May 5. Nexon’s given us a (hopefully small) preview of what content and events we’ll be seeing in the upcoming update.

Unless those “More information coming soon!” mean A LOT more information is coming soon, then this is the most fail excuse for an anniversary I’ve ever seen. It’s our 5th for Nexon’s sake, give us something good.

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[VIN] Vindictus Teaser Site Launched!

The teaser site for Nexon America’s next game and one of the most anticipated MMOs for 2010 has been launched.

The new teaser site features an improved game trailer, game media, and summaries of Game Info, the game Story and the game Characters. Looks like Vindictus will follow Mabinogi Heroes and only be launched Lann and Fiona, then release Evy later on.

Also, a “BlockParty” logo has been added to the beginning of the trailer. I’m assuming that BlockParty is being launched this summer.

The teaser website can be viewed at

[NXKR] Nine Dragons Publishing Hands Change

Indy21, the developer of Nine Dragons has announced that their publishing contract with Nexon which expires at the end of this month will not be renewed. The game will now be published by Live Gamer in Korea.

It has not bee confirmed whether it was Nexon or Indy21 who chose not to renew the partnership.